cover image Blank Slate, originally published in 2005 in BetsuHana as 悪性 -アクサガ- (Akusaga), is the story of a man called Zen. Zen is the most nefarious criminal in the country of Galay and lives entirely by his own rules, eschewing all that society stands for. He wishes only to be free to do whatever he wants, with little regard for anyone else unless it amuses him. He remembers nothing of his origins, but it doesn't really matter to him — he lives in the present, guided only by his evil impulses. But when Zen meets a doctor who may have a connection to his lost past, he decides to try and uncover the truth in order to continue living a life free from the control of others.

Although it's only two volumes long, Blank Slate asks some of the essential questions: what is good? What is evil? Is one born to kill or made one? What does it mean to be free? I was compelled by the questions asked in the first volume and found myself still considering it long after I'd read the conclusion in the second. If you're intrigued by the premise, I strongly suggest reading the manga for yourself before exploring the rest of this site. The manga was released in North America as Blank Slate by Viz under the Shojo Beat imprint, and given it's only two volumes, it's both affordable and accessible. In 2013, a digital version of the manga was released for mobile devices and web browsers. You can get more information at the publisher's website here.

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